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Girl's Box: Reborn!
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For those who love Avex's Girl's Box!
Girl's Box: Reborn!
Welcome to the GIRL'S BOX Community!

All posts must be Friend Locked

Media of past members of under Girl's Box is allowed (meaning those who were under the Avex label--ex. SweetS and Fruit Punch)

Media of those assoicated with girl's Box/participated in the Girl's Box concerts, but not under the label of avex (ex. 80*pan) is allowed

I am aware that some of the girls do gravure, but for this community I am going ask that no gravure be posted.

No bashing of any sorts

The only drama permitted is the ones that the Girl's Box members participated in

How to tag:

Tag according to the type of file (ex. drama, music, variety, etc)</br>
Tag the artist in last name, first name order(kanji/katakana is allowed, but also have their name in english)(ex. Kayo Aiko, 嘉陽愛子)

Name of file

If the media consists of a certain members/members then tag the name of the member and in paraentheses the name of the group (ex. Hasebe Yu (DRM))

Sorry if it sounds a lot, but it makes looking for things easier.

When taking things do leave a comment because the time it takes to comment is nothing to the time it takes to upload/re-upload a file. That and it is the nice thing to do! XD

Want Entry?
just join and I'll let you in!
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